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July 22, 2014






The Michigan Automotive Parts Association is pleased to announce the selection of Barry Hill, Vice President of Auto-Wares Group of Companies, Grand Rapids, Michigan as recipient of its 2014 MAPA Lifetime Service Award.


Barry’s involvement in the automotive aftermarket industry spans 55 years, beginning at the age of 13 working in his family’s business Tri-State Automotive Warehouse and Hill Piston while going to school. Today, Barry is Vice President of Auto-Wares Group of Companies located in Grand Rapids, Michigan and is semi-retired. Throughout his career, Barry has been a champion of the independent, and a strong supporter of the automotive aftermarket industry.


Created in 2010, the MAPA Lifetime Service Award is presented to an individual by the association. It is designed to honor the excellence of individuals in the industry who have made significant impacts in the industry and/or the association. The award will be presented during MAPA Industry Day 2014 being held on Wednesday, September 10th, 2014 at the Holiday Inn Gateway Centre in Flint, Michigan.


Qualifying criteria for consideration of MAPA’s Lifetime Service Award is recipient must be a Michigan based company, have 25 or more years of service in the industry, and contributed significantly to the automotive industry and to their local community. Previous recipients include Sam Rogers, Parts Warehouse Co., Bay City, Michigan and Al Blanchard, Mid-5 Auto Supply, Livonia, Michigan.




Michigan Automotive Parts Association is pleased to introduce our new member program …





MAPA’s Human Resource System helps you manage your staff the right way.

    (including employment applications and performance review templates)


With a dramatic increase in employee discrimination law suits (14% increase in Michigan since 2009), and an increase in unfair labor practices as a result of unlawful social media policies, now is the time to implement or revise your Employee Handbook. The #1 defense against these issues is having an up-to-date Employee Handbook. That’s why MAPA, and MAPA’s HR Program partner Human Resource Management Services LLC, have created the MAPA Human Resource System. This resource helps you; Revise your current Employee Handbook for the challenges facing us in 2013 (NLRB, Social Media, EEO and FMLA); Create a complete and compliant Employee Handbook; and Let’s your employees know what they can expect from you, and what you can expect from your employees.


The Employee Handbook has been professionally written for the needs of MAPA members. It is completely customizable to your business needs and written in plain language for maximum use and effectiveness. It contains all of the major policies and procedures needed to keep pace with the ever-changing State and Federal regulations.


Most used HR forms include new hire paperwork, employment applications, payroll forms, employee development / corrective action templates and more!


All information is available in a digital format for easy use and storage. Your MAPA membership also entitles you to discounted consultations with Human Resource Management Services, LLC to help answer all of your HR and employee-related questions!


Top 5 Reasons to Purchase MAPA’s Human Resource System:
  1. Increase employee productivity and efficiency
  2. Avoid legal pitfalls and maintain your competitive edge
  3. Spend less time answering common questions
  4. Prevent problems and misunderstandings
  5. The heavy lifting has been done for you…simply customize to fit your needs and begin enjoying the benefits


To Order: Call MAPA 1.800.678.6272  Fax 517.886.0929  Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



‘TOOLBOX’ training program

MAPA and The Eddy Kay Group are excited to announce a new MAPA member benefit . . . a Sales and Management Training Program exclusively for members of Michigan Automotive Parts Association. There is no cost to you. MAPA purchased this program for you as a gift to you for being a valued member!

The ‘TOOLBOX’ training program will increase your sales, decrease your stress and allow you to remember how much fun retail is. Eddy calls it ‘Rush Hour University’. It is designed to be listened to in your car. You do not have to memorize it, take notes or study.

Just by exposing yourself to the material, you will learn the course without ever knowing how it happened. On your way to work. On your way home. When you’re in the car by yourself. Over and over for 30 days. You’ll be a hero, love your job, and make more money. Did we mention more money? The files are download to your desktop. From there you can put it on your iPhone, iPod, Driod, MP3 player, or burn it to a CD.


THE TOOLBOX COURSE OUTLINE - The Retail Sales Training Course

Introduction: In this module you will learn what it takes to become a salesperson and the pride of being one. It will also disclose the value of distressed merchandise commonly known as Zingers.

Customer Service: Is not a department or an action. It is an attitude. This module outlines how to take the manners you already have and make sense out of them in the store. Too often we forget that each customer is a precious jewel we cannot do without. It is more than just being polite. It is the ability to antici- pate the basic needs of the public. And once you understand those needs you can turn your store into a place they would rather shop. Includes: Customers Buy With Their Senses, The Turnover, Making Outrageous Complaints Fun, Leaving Your Ego At The Door and Taking Responsibility.

Beginning Relationships: There are few customers who actually like salespeople. Most people would rather buy from a friend of theirs than a salesperson. In Beginning Relationships we learn how to have customers drop their defenses, stop viewing us as the enemy and perceive us as a friend trying to help. It takes several minutes at the start and lays the ground work for the rest of the sale. Includes: The Recognition, Small Talkin’, The Turn Around, The Opening and Just Looking.

The Interview: With each customer having a different idea as to what is important in life, it is difficult to really know what they want. It is often different than what they ask for. A proper Interview narrows down the possibilities and allows the salesperson to show the customer exactly what they need. Includes: Open Ended Questions, Small Talkin’ Opportunities and How to Listen To A Customer.

The Demonstration: This chapter details how to turn a products strengths into a sale. It is the most fun part of a sale. Includes: Feature Bashing, Benefit vs. Advantage, Creating Desire, Establishing Value, Talking Price.

Handling Objection: How to handle the nightmare statements: This is the first place I’ve shopped, I have to think about it, My car is in the shop, I’m waiting for my income tax check. Find out the real reason they are not buying from you. Includes; The Be-Back Bus, Price or Product, Budget vs. Value and The Be-Back Shuffle.
Stepping and Stacking: Stepping is steeped in the belief all customers would rather have something better, this chapter teaches how to give better customer service by selling better / more product. Includes: Stepping Off The Ad, Synergistic Selling, Stepping Sideways and The Switch.

Stacking: The tour bus stopped at your store and you are short handed. This chapter teaches how to wait on several customers at the same time. Includes: Creating The Illusion, The Recognition, The Theater Stack and The Wild Bill Hikcock Maneuver.

In Off The Phone: How many times has the phone rang more often than the number of customers who walk in the door? 50% of our customers are walked before they get to our store. We walk them on the phone. This technique gets the customer into the store where we can sell them. Includes: Your True Voice, Answer Every Question with These Questions and The Confirmation Number.

Closing: Salespeople seldom ask for the sale. It is not only scary, but many salespeople believe it is rude to ask for someone’s money. The salesperson and customer keep talking until one of them gives up or faints. If every sale had an attempted close, your sales would increase 30% out of the gate. Includes: Buying Signs, Types of Closes, Adding-ON and Nailing The Sale.

Competing With Big Box Retailers: The Walmarts of the world are not the death knell for the one store company. The big box giants are slow to move and cannot implement change on a whim. You have to compete where they cannot. Give the customer something tangible and valuable not available to the big guys. This chapter will teach you what, where and how.

Competing With The Internet: When a customer asks if you will match an internet price you have to wonder why they didn’t but it. If they have been on the net, they have been everywhere. You are their last stop. There is a reason for that. This module will give you all the reasons they didn’t buy it on the net. You will also learn how to make the net draw customers into your store; the only place you can sell them.

(How To Negotiate Price): There are many retail industries that are famous for negotiating price. They give away much more than they have to. This chapter will help resolve that issue. It will teach you how to give the customer what they want without you losing a sale or a customer.


The Opening / Hiring: Sales and Management are two different jobs; Don’t be held hostage by your staff; Veterans are not always the best bet; Questions to ask in an interview
Motivating The Staff: All motivation is self motivation; You have to remove the roadblocks; Show them they way
Training: The importance of training; Are they willing or not; You can’t teach them to be willing
The List: Identify all aspects of their job; Teach them one by one; Play ‘Show Me’
The Write Up: You only manage on the data; The data never lies; You don’t want to fire anyone, EVER!; Consequences
Performance Reviews: Everyone wants to know how they’re doing; Gives them a chance to tell you how you are doing; Gives them a chance to tell you what they need from their job
Stress: Pressure without control

Remember: This is a benefit for MAPA members only. Membership, indeed, has its privileges.

For THE TOOLBOX COURSE download Instructions, contact MAPA office via email, phone or fax and we will be happy to provide you with download instructions and passwords.



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